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Mark Hilder

Mark Hilder, Rye, East Sussex

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Hilder's Cliff

8th June 2018

Mark Hilder:

Very old thread, but I was told by a chap who lived in Hilder's Court Chiddingly that an ancestor was involved in an incident in Rye. It sounds a bit Monty Python, but a French ship was catapulting rotted dog carcasses into Rye, in a time when the sea lapped the town. King Richard I think it was told a Hilder to find dead cats and fire them back at them. He couldn't find dead ones so killed a few and sent those flying. The people of Rye were upset that there pest control method had been deminished, gave poor old Hilder a bad time. Apparently the King took pity on him and Ennobled him giving him land in Sussex. When I discovered Hilder's Cliffe it gave this credence.

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