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Carol Kurrein Returning to Rye

Carol Kurrein Returning to Rye in Rye, East Sussex

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Suzanne Overton-Edwards
18 Feb 2015

Dear Carol,

I do hope that you receive this message in response to yours that was posted years ago. I'm Sue, Suzanne Overton-Edwards who was a friend of your brother. Please respond if you ar still connected to this site and we can arrange to contact each other through other means.

Best wishes,



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Carol Kurrein
18 Oct 2008

First of all, hello to anyone who may remember me or my parents from our years in Rye! Having spent the last 14 years in Spain, I am planning to move back to Rye early next year. Finding a job is the first priority, plus somewhere to rent long-term - just for me. For those who don't know me, my skills include IT, design, admin, writing and magazine production/editing. I am as personable as ever, young-at-heart and responsible. It would be great to hear from anybody with any suggestions, advice, contacts or business opportunities. I can't wait to hear from you!

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