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Family History of Hatter

Family History of Hatter in Rye, East Sussex

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Brian Hatter
24 Oct 2005

Marina Orme: Hi Marina.
Have found time to reply from Indonesia. I usually go to an Internet Cafe to get a reasonable speed. The one in the Manado International School varies so much to be useless!
Have not worked out our relationship yet. I did start a family tree way back and traced the Hatters back to fishermen in Grimsby in the mid 1800's. Uncle Fred was my mothers brother in law, Aunt Alice was her sister. They were related to the Sutton family in Winchelsea and the rag and bone merchant on Winchelsea Road.I remember going there in the War after mother had delivered the bread for Longs in Rye. We would stay for a while and Uncle Fred would take me to the forge. He built a tank for me as a bithday gift around 1943! That dates me!!!
Tell me about your family history and maybe the picture will gel!!
Best regards from a rainy season in Manado, Brian

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