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Arnold Berry

Arnold Berry in Rye, East Sussex

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Christopher Wilson
14 Apr 2016

Hello Morag, do you still hold any item by Arnold Berry that you'd like to sell?

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Alan Watters
19 Aug 2015

You say you have an Arnold Berry watercolour of Lion Street. Is it the original; w3atercolour or a signed print? I have a signed print of Lion Street and wondered 1. if it is the same one, 2. what is is worth and 3. is anyone interested in buying it?



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Steve Wells
4 Jul 2014

I have just aquired two watercolours, mounted and signed by Arnold Berry, one of High Street, St Lewes (horse and cart on RHS) and a castle keep entrance, looks like title the baslicause?)

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Paul Davies
9 Nov 2013

Did you find out anything on Arnold Berry?

I have just come across an old signed watercolour of 'Old Town Hastings' and would be interested to find out more about him / it.

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Morag Gilchrist
18 Sep 2011

We have two beautiful water colour prints by Arnold Berry of Rye and Hatings. They were purchased by my father in law at the Glasgow Exhibition in 1937. We are possibly looking to sell them and was looking to see if anyone would be interested.

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Ernie Land
20 Jul 2011

I have a water colour by Arnold Berry of a Swedish Barque Named sverre. Any information of date etc?

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David Wood
10 Aug 2010

I have a watercolour by Arnold Berry entitled "All Saints Street, Hastings"

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Peter Stapley
22 Jan 2010

I am also looking for information on Arthur Berry. I have two prints - one of Lion Street Rye and one of High Street lewes. Both were given to my parents as a wedding present in 1939,but don't know from whom. If you do find out anything would you please let me know?

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Shobee Maraj
21 Jan 2010

Can anyone give me information on Arthur Berry? I came across a print "Mermaid St Rye"

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Margaret Bailey
22 May 2009

I have 2 watercolours by Arnold Berry with their original mounts and dated in the 1800s. The subjects are High ST Lewes and Mermaid St Rue or Rye (this is unclear). Can anyone give me any information on this artist and any idea of the worth of the paintings?
Margaret Bailey.

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Alison Bradley
19 Mar 2007

Hi, I've come across an Arnold Berry watercolour of Lion Street, Rye. DOes anyone have any information on the artist and his works?

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