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Smugglers in Rye!

Smugglers in Rye! in Rye, East Sussex

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Mary Thomas
20 Jan 2014

Hello Stephen
Thank you for getting in touch. I hope you will enjoy my novel! It's great to hear from people who have a personal connection with characters I have drawn on. I did the research some years ago, which was quite meticulous so I will look up my research notes. I would be interested to hear your side of things. I use another e mail address now so if you would like to reply to me direct on that address, it is [email protected]

Best wishes,


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Stephen Kirkman
19 Jan 2014

Hello Mary, I am yet to read your book but have read a snippet on Google and will be getting a copy soon. However, the purpose of my writing is to say that I am a direct descendant of Kirckman and would like to correspond with you regarding your research. I have much information concerning the family and would like to compare and understand if you have something that may be of use to me. Many thanks. Stephen Kirkman.

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Mary Thomas
24 May 2010

Thank you for your kind remarks. I've always thought the topic would make a great film/tv series!

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Jean Ward
10 Nov 2009

What a great book this was to read! Really enjoyed it, have you written any more. It would make an excelent film or TV series starring Jonny Depp!

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Kenneth Webb
20 May 2009

re your book "Men of Sorrows" I have just ordered from Amazon books, I am confident that I am descended from one of the Gray brothers, I reside in Australia and have a couple of avenues still open for research but would like to hear from you re actual facts on the Gray brothers, parents and descendants. Briefly I am des from John & Sarah Gray, Hawkhurst,their son William Arthur Grey and his wife Celia Eastwood, the latter immigrated to Australia 1859, have much more info.
Ken Webb

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Mary Thomas
10 Jun 2007

For anyone wanting to read a new novel about the Hawkhurst Gang of smugglers, try 'Men of Sorrows' by Mary-Elizabeth Thomas. I spent a year researching this facts which form the basis of this novel of adventure and illicit love on Romney Marsh in the early eighteenth century. It doesn't read like a text book! It's my interpretation of events. Would you rather work a week as a farm labourer for a shilling or earn two shillings for one night's work on the 18th century version of a 'booze-cruise'?
Please read my book. I would be delighted to hear from you!

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