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Version History

Version History in Rye, East Sussex

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- v7.0.5 Listings can now be imported to address book in vCard format (22nd November 2016)
- v7.0.4 Event posters can now be uploaded to and deleted from events in the event diary (26th August 2015)
- v7.0.3 Events can now be pinned to business listings and exported to Google calendar (11th July 2015)
- v7.0.2 Upgrades to Event Diary including more user friendly interface to add events and ability to assign events to listings (7th July 2015)
- v7.0.1 Upgrades to Event Diary including support of .ics files to import events to client calendar (29th April 2015)
- v7.0 Rollout of HTML5 responsive front end begins (13th November 2014)
- v6.5.1 Added ability for users to suggest changes to category descriptions (23rd November 2013)
- v6.5 MySQL database migrated to a new server and character encoding transposed to UTF8 from Latin1 (27th October 2013)
- v6.4.14 Event Diary will now automatically share todays events on town sites with associated Twitter and Facebook accounts (7th September 2013)
- v6.4.13 Updated "What's New?" panel to show the latest listing to renew as well as new listings (31st May 2013)
- v6.4.12 Upgraded town database to include associated tourist infomation centres increasing site performance considerably (8th July 2012)
- v6.4.11 Installed support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch web apps including custom touch icons (2nd April 2012)
- v6.4.10 Updated enquiry forms to be iPhone friendly (1st April 2012)
- v6.4.9 Listings and Draft Listings now have a useful FAQ section shown when sign in (2nd Januay 2012)
- v6.4.8 Listing map markers can now be dragged and re-positioned. Users are also able to set markers with GPS co-ordinates from their mobile devices (30th December 2011)
- v6.4.7 Addition of "Preview Draft" feature (29th December 2011)
- v6.4.6 Inclusion of Google+ to social networks (15th December 2011)
- v6.4.5 Ability to easily opt out of message board updates added to account management control panel (9th December 2011)
- v6.4.4 Listings now include field for mobile telephone numbers (27th November 2011)
- v6.4.3 User accounts now include field for mobile telephone numbers. International telephone numbers are now automatically formatted (26th November 2011)
- v6.4.2 Implementation of function to automatically format UK telephone numbers (9th November 2011)
- v6.4.1 Addition of desktop / mobile site toggle switch in footer (5th November 2011)
- v6.4 Launch of Google Map API integration with directory category pages (26th October 2011)
- v6.3.4 Updated event order in diary event pages (14th October 2011)
- v6.3.3 users can now update their own events in the event diary (1st October 2011)
- v6.3.2 News articles are now in descending date order and show their date (15th September 2011)
- v6.3.1 Added functionality to search accommodation by distance (12th September 2011)
- v6.3 Launch of Official Rye web site (19th August 2011)
- v6.2.8 Integrated Google search (11th August 2011)
- v6.2.7 Merged Home page with About page (8th August 2011)
- v6.2.6 Moved from MultiMap to Google maps since MultiMap became Bing maps and support for postcodes was withdrawn (23rd July 2011)
- v6.2.5 Diary Events are now categorised. Accommodation establishments' price range is now optional and can be open ended (23rd July 2011)
- v6.2.4 Business listings can now have accreditation logos (20th July 2011)
- v6.2.3 Event Diary will now automatically Tweet todays events on town sites with associated Twitter accounts (2nd July 2011)
- v6.2.2 Listing image uploader now has crop / shrink option (1st July 2011)
- v6.2.1 Event Diary widget creation feature developed (20th June 2011)
- v6.2 Town database expanded from 170 towns in the south east to 1,700+ towns UK wide (11th April 2011)
- v6.1 Database migrated from Access to MySQL (27th March 2011)
- v6.0 Entire engine re-developed with many new features including user administration of content (10th October 2010)
- v5.0 All town web sites incorporated into re-designed Town and Village web site engine (January 2007)
- v4.0 Town and Village web site engine launched (April 2006)
- v3.2 launched (January 2006)
- v3.1 launched (April 2005)
- v3.0 Site structure updated and launched (January 2002)
- v2.0 First database driven (Access) version of (July 2000)
- v1.0 Initial static version of (April 1998)


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